Sunneith Revankar

Undying Inc.

Great setup. Thejus is a slamming producer and knows his sound very well. Would definitely visit again

Debjeet Basu

Perfect Strangers

We mixed our debut album 'A Strange Connection' at Eleven Gauge Recordings. This was a fantastic experience as Thejus has great attitude, is meticulous at what he does and doesn't give up till both parties are satisfied with the mix. It's the last quality that helped us most. The other advantage is can also record at his studio..we did quite a few vocal sessions here and it's very convenient. Thejus also worked with us during recording phase also to ensure we get exactly the drum sound we need. Whether you are an amateur or professional band, Thejus Nair is your man for a studio engineer.

Vats Iyengar


My band Rainburn had its album, Insignify, mixed at Eleven Gauge Recordings, and we also recorded all the vocals there. To say that Thejus went above and beyond his role in making this album come to life would be a massive understatement; Thejus is somebody who will not only push past his limits to try and fulfill your mixing needs, but will also care about every aspect of your music and production - but never in an overbearing way. Insignify is at least as much his album as it is the rest of the band's. Thank you for everything, Thejus.

Abbas Razwi


Recorded the vocals for the Godless EP here and Thejus was really professional and extremely helpful with his suggestions. We are really happy with the final result. Definitely recommended.

Sumant Nemmani

Project Mishram

My band Project MishraM has recorded with Thejus a few times now, and we've had an absolutely brilliant experience. He is a thorough professional- great work ethics as well as critical insight during the recording/mixing process . He has mixed us live as well and we loved it!

Highly recommend Eleven Gauge Recordings for an outstanding recording/mixing experience with Thejus!

Prashanth Gnanamuthu

Perfect Strangers

My band Perfect Strangers had mixed our album A Strange Connection with Mr. Thejus Nair at Eleven Gauge Recordings. This is guy is a pleasure to work with. He has some stellar equipment and has a masterful brain when it comes to mixing tracks. His inputs have been nothing but valuable to add a newer flavour into our music and has taken our songs to a whole new level. I highly recommend bands both upcoming and established to pick his brain cause the outcome you will receive at the end of it will be nothing but surprising. Thank you Thejus for a wonderful experience

Jitish Antin

Former Guitarist for Tangents/ Space is All We Have

Apart from being one of the best spaces to record at, Thejus is one of the most amazing people who work with. His understanding of music and sound is profound and his abilities with the tools he uses is amazing! Also he has some sick gear and software for all your production, mixing and mastering needs!

Highly recommended